"Gripís" Historical Souvenir of Cortland
on the 76th Regiment

"Gripís" Historical Souvenir of Cortland is a book published by ďGripĒ in 1899. It contained biographies of the prominent men, organizations and businesses of Cortland, along with photographs of the city, historical notes, and oddities like lists of rivers and jokes. The following is one of three regimental histories in the volume (the others being the 157th and 185th NY).

The 76th Regiment was mustered in at Albany, December, 1861, and served with marked gallantry throughout the war, being mustered out along in 1865 after Appomattox and after participating in the grand review of troops at Washington, which marked the termination of the war. Eight hundred men were enlisted in Cortland county and at the same time about five hundred troops formed into five companies, were recruited in Otsego county, leaving Cherry Valley for Albany early in January. When the two bodies were marshaled into one phalanx the governor made N. W. Green of Cortland, colonel, and the regiment was ordered to New York, taking their departure from Albany on Jan. 17, 1862. They were in barracks in New York three days, then on Riker's Island, East River, until they left for Philadelphia, where they arrived Jan. 30, 1862, reaching Washington Feb. 1, at midnight and going into camp at Meridian Hill, where they remained until the 24th, when they occupied Forts DeRussey, Massachusetts, Totten and Slemmer. Col. Green was sent home on charges preferred by the officers and Lieut. Col. Shaul was placed in command.

On May 21, the regiment was ordered to Fredericksburg and assigned to Brig.-Gen. Abner Doubleday's brigade-the 2nd, of the First Division, First Corps, Army of Potomac. On July 2 Col. William P. Wainwright was assigned to command the regiment. On the 21st of August the regiment, in the fight at Rappahannock Station, Va., was for the first time under fire. On Aug. 28 the regiment played a most thrilling part of the drama in the battle of Gainesville, where they lost ten killed, seventy-two wounded and eighteen missing.

During the next two days the regiment participated in continuous manoeuvering and fighting at second Bull Run and South Mountain. In the bloody battle of Gettysburg Major Grover, then in command of the regiment, was killed and Capt. John F. Cook, who took his place, performed his duty faithfully. In that battle it lost, killed and wounded, eighteen officers and one hundred fifty one men.

Captain S.M. Byram was for a time in command, in September, 1863, when operating on the Rappahannock and again at North Anna in May, 1864, and along during subsequent operations until in the fight in front of Petersburg June 18 he received a severe wound and did not again rejoin the regiment. The last report of the 76th as an organization, then containing only a handful of the men who enlisted in Cortland in '61, was on Jan. 15, 1865, when it was commanded by Capt. E. B. Cochrane.

The battles of the 76th were: Rappahannock, Aug. 21, 1862 ; Warrenton, Aug. 26; Gainesville, Aug. 28 ; Second Bull Run, Aug. 29 and 30; South Mountain, Sept. 14; Antietam, Sept. 17; Snicker's Gap, Nov. 13; Fredericksburg, Dec. 12-13; Chancellorville, May 1-5, 1863; Gettysburg, July 1-4; Mine Run, Nov. 27; Wilderness, May 5-6, 1864; Laurel Hill, May 8; Spottsylvania, May 12; North Anna, May 24; Tolopotomy Creek, June 1; Cold Harbor, June 3-5; Petersburg, June 18; Weldon Railroad, Aug. 18-21; Poplar Grove Church, Sept. 30; First Hatchers' Run, Oct. 28; Hicksford Raid, Dec. 6-12; Second Hatchers' Run, Feb. 6, 1865; Five Forks, April 1; Appomattox, April 9.

When the 76th started for Washington its organization was as follows: Field and Staff Officers-Colonel, N. W. Green of Cortland; lieutenant-colonel, John D. Shaul of Springfield, Otsego Co.; Major Charles H. Livingston of New York City; surgeon, J. C. Nelson of Truxton; assistant surgeon, George W. Metcalfe of Otsego Co.; chaplain, H. Stone Richardson of New York Mills; adjutant, Heman F. Robinson of Cortland; quartermaster, A. P. Smith of Cortland; quartermaster sergeant, Albert J. Jarvis of Cortland; commissary sergeant, William Stows of Allegany.

Line Officers


1st Lieut.

2nd Lieut.

Co. A

A. J. Grover

C. H. George

H. W. Pierce


Oscar C. Fox

C. D. Crandall

W. S. Wolcott


G. .J.Crittenden

E. R. Weaver

M. P. Marsh


C. L. Watrous




Wm. H. Powell

J. H. Ballard

S. M. Powell


John F.Barnard

E. A. Mead

W. W. Green


W'm. Lansing

Aaron Sager

J. L. Goddard


Amos L. Swan

M. B.Cleveland

Robt. Storey


John E.Cook

H. A. Blodgett

R. Williams


John W. Young

C. A. Watkins

C. M. Gaylord

- From "Gripís" Historical Souvenir of Cortland, 1899

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