Letters from the 76th New York
and Individual Biographies

Many of these files are transcribed from letters written by (or to) members of the 76th New York State Volunteers. Some were sent directly to relatives at home, and were transcribed from records in the National or New York State Archives. Others were sent to newspapers, such as the Cortland Gazette and Banner, and have been transcribed from microfilmed copies of the newspapers. However they were found, they form a unique first-person glimpse into the life of a Civil War soldier, in many cases seen here for the first time in over a century.

Wherever possible, the original spelling and capitalization have been preserved. Paragraph breaks may have been added to enhance readability.

Biographies are from various sources, including the Regimental History, "Grips' Historical Souvenir of Cortland" and "Book of Biographies of Cortland County (1898)". Some were provided by descendents of the soldiers, for which we offer our thanks.

- A -

Winslow Allen, Co. H (shot for desertion)

- J K  -

Edward and (John) Luther James, Co. D

Albert Jarvis, Co. A & QM Sgt.

Anson Johnson, Co. B

Edgar W. Jones, Co. B

Leander T. Jones, Co. F

Preston King (to Col. Green)

- B -

Carlos Baldwin, Co. C (biography)

John Ballard, Co. E (biography)

Isaac L. Ball, Co. D

Lawrence Banker, Co. F

John Barnard, Co. F (deposition re: T. Hoffman)

Norman G. Bartholomew (biography)

Thomas Barton (Court Martial order)

David C. Beers (biography)

Hiram Blodgett (letters from family)

Daniel Bradley, Co. C

Thaddeus W. Bradley, Co. A, B and I

Elijah Bullard, Co. I

Uberto Burnham, Quartermaster

Charles Bush, Co. B (article and letter)

Samuel Byram, Co. D (biography) - letter to Henry Randall about a new flag for the 76th

- L M N O -

George W. Lason, Co. B (biography)

John Lindsey, Co. F

William Mantanye, Co. D (biography, obituary)

Thomas Martin, Co. B

James McChesney, Co. A

Chapin W. Merrick, Co. G (letters, obituary)

Oscar Miner, Co. D (biography)

Anthony Moran, Co. C

Norman Mynard, Co. A

Wesley Norwood, Co. F (obituary)

Gideon Oliver, Co. I

- C -

William Cahill (biography)

Homer D. Call, Co. G (letter to National Tribune)

Hubert Carpenter, Adjutant (biography)

Ralph W. Carrier (biography)

Lyman Carter (biography)

John A. Clark, Co. H. (biography)

Henry Cliff (biography, deposition re: Hoffman)

Bartholomew Clifford, Co. G (enlisted as William Shay)

Albert Colcord, Co. E (article)

Thomas Coldwell, Co. B (letter from descendent)

Charles W. Cook, Co. G (letters to National Tribune)

John E. Cook (biography, report from OR)

James Coye, Co. B

Chauncey D. Crandall (biography)

William Jarvis Crozier, Co. B (affidavit and article)

Lyman Culver, Co. A

- P R -

Jacob and William Parslow, Co. I

Daniel M. Perry, Co. C (article in National Tribune)

William (Hix) Persons (died on Mound City)

Rulandus Pitts (biography)

Herschel Pierce, Co. E (see also letter to parents of Albert Hilton)

Chauncey D. Potter, Co. A

John F. Potter, Co. A -Potter wrote a number of columns as a "regular correspondent" to the Cortland Gazette and Banner, under the pseudonym "JFP". His columns forDecember 1861,January,February,March,April andMay 1862 are available on this website.

Waldo Potter, Co. A

Franklin F. Pratt (Biography and Letter)

Abner B. Randall, Co. F

Melvin H. Reed, Co. G

William Rice, Co. G

Hiram S. Richardson, Chaplain (Bio and letters)

Israel Rickard, Co. G (obituary)

Heman F. Robinson, Adjutant (Bio and letter)

- DEF -

Lucius Davis (biography)

Charles Devoe, Co. K

George Dewitt, Co. E (affidavit on Albert Hilton)

Chauncey Dodge, Co. D / E

Tartellas Dutcher, Co. I

James Edwards, Co. A

Oren E. Ellis, Co. F

Earl Evens, Co. F (note: these letters are on another website - use your "Back" button to return here)

John Fisher, Co. G (bio)

Henry Ferguson, Co. K

Warren Follett, Co. B

Lewis Fox (affidavit)

Oscar Fox (biography)

- S -

Aaron Sager, Co. G (Biography & article)

Dwight D. Sanderson, Co. K

Samuel E. Saunders (Diary)

Freeman Schermerhorn, Co. G

John D. Shaul, Lt. Col (biography)

Seymour Shoultes, Co. E

Abram P. Smith, Quartermaster (through May 1862) (biography and letters)

Herman D. Smith, Co. A 

William Smith, Co. K

George Snow, Co. H

John Bertrand Spencer, Co. G

Henri St.Pierre, Co. F (biography, speeches, article in National Tribune)

George Stedwell, Co. E

Robert Story (OR report)

Edgar Stratton, Co. E

Henry Sutton, Co. B

Amos L. Swan, Capt. Co. H (Bio and letter)

Palmer Swan, Co. B

- G -

William Henry Galpin, Co. H

Hiram Gilbert, Co. G

Letter to parents of John Goff

Nelson W. Green, Col. (biography, letters and articles) - letter from Preston King

Richard Gregory, Co. E

Andrew Grover, Co. A (later Major of Regiment) - April-May 1862 - June 11-26, 1862  
Death notice and report of the recovery of Grover's body from Gettysburg

George and Theron Guernsey

- T U V -

Benjamin F. Taylor (Biography)

Moses Tompkins, Co. I

James C. Tuttle, Co. D

John Vanderpool, Co. F (deposition re: Hoffman)

Francis E. Verran, Co. D

- H I -

William Hadley, Co. K

John Harkin, Co. H

J. Church Hatch, Co. C (biography)

Edgar D. Haviland, Co. E (biography)

Theodore W. Hawley, Co. K

Louis Henry - see Henri St. Pierre

George Hill, Co. F

Albert Hilton, Co. E

Charles Howard, Co. C (diary)

Theodore Hoffman, Co. F

- W X Y Z -

William P. Wainwright, Col. (biography, report from OR)

George Walling, Co. B

Charles D. Watrous (biography)

Henry D. Weaver, Co. C

Lt. Thomas F. Welden

Daniel C. West, Co. G 

Marvin Wheaton (personal communication from descendent)

George H. Whitney, Co. I (communication from descendent)

Lt. Moses M. Whitney, Co. C (letter published in National Tributne)

Richard Williams, Co. I

Lester N. Winslow, Co. K

Edwin L. Wood, Co. I

Carpenter N. Wright, Co. I

Jerome Wright, Co. B

John W. Young, Co. K (biography & letter)

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