Pvt. George E. Watrous
Co. D

George Watrous is my great grandfather. I have civil war letters he wrote to his 1/2 sister in Bradford PA All of his children lived in to their 90s except my grandmother she died in 1987 at 102 years of age. I also have the bloody handkerchief w/ buttet holes he carried when he was shot the first time. Finally I have 2 pictures of him 1 color 1 b&w which I could email to the round table. Any questions please mail back 

Please list me as a contact person for Watrous, Gary M Woodward. gmwood@alltel.net 

"Silk handkerchief carried in my father's pocket, when he was wounded in the Civil War. 11 bullet holes in it, also blood stains. His name was Geo. E. Watrous 76th Reg. of NY volunteers, and he enlisted at Cortland, NY" - note by Watrous' daughter,  Florence Woodward.

Detail of Watrous' handkerchief

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