New York Times, 19 January 1862


This regiment, which has, for some weeks past, been quartered at Albany, arrived here yesterday morning by the Hudson River Railroad. It Is composed of a remarkably fine body of men, who have been chiefly recruited in the Northern counties of the state. Of the field officers, three, the Colonel, Major and Adjutant, are old West Pointers, and, though not practiced in actual service, they must needs derive many advantages from the lessons of early military training. The regiment is filled up to the regulation standard, is well drilled, uniformed in the costume of the regular army, and, altogether, presents a splendid appearance when upon the march. They are, at present, without arms, but Enfield rifles are to be distributed to them before they leave the City. Some thirty men of Company A, who are experienced sharpshooters, carry their own rifles. 

The .following is a roster of the officers:

Colonel-N. W. Green, of Cortlandt.

Lieut.-Colonel-James C. Strong.

Major-Chas. A. Livingston.

Adjutant-H. F. Robinson.

Quartermaster-A. P. Smith.

Surgeon-J. C. Nelson.

Chaplain-Rev. H. S. Richardson, (Methodist) of New-York Mills.

Sergeant Major-John Froker.

Quartermaster Sergeant-Albert J. Jarvis.

Company A,-Capt. A. J. Grover : First Lieut. Chas. H. George; second Lieut. H. W. Pierce. Company B-Capt. O. C. Fox; First Lieut, C. D, Crandall ; Second Lieut. W. S. Walcott. Company C-Capt. G. D. Crittenden; First Lieut. E. R. Weaver : Second Lieut. M. P. Marsh. Company D-Capt. C. L, Wattrous; First Lieut:. D. Van Slyck : Second Lieut. G. J. Foster. Company E - Capt.  W. H. Powell; First Lieut. J. H. Ballard; Second Lieu. S. M. Powell. Company F-Capt. J. H. Barnard; First Lieut. E. A. Meade; Second Lieut. W. W, Green. Company G-Capt. W. Lansing: First Lieut. Aaron Sager; Second Lieut. J. L. Goddard. Company H - Capt. A. L. Swan; First Lieut. L. B. Cleveland; Second Lieut. Robert Strong. Company I-Capt. John A. Cooke; First Lieut, H. A. Blodges; Second Lieut. R. Williams. Company K-Capt. J. W. Young:; First Lieut. C. A. Watkins; Second Lieut. C. M. Gaylord. 

The Seventy-Sixth will be quartered at the Park Barracks during their stay in New-York.

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