Backpack from the 76th NY

- From the collection of the Homeville Museum, Homer, New York

This page originally called this pack a "leather knapsack". A reader of this website, Robert Braun, sent the following correction:

The knapsack pictured is in all probability not made of leather, although the stiffness of the original waterproofing or "tarring" might make it appear so. From the photo, the knapsack appears to be a double-bag knapsack commonly issued from federal depots throughout the war. I suspect that, if one were to look inside the knapsack, that we might find the item was made of a heavy linen or light cotton drill, coated with a black waterproofing compound. One bag of the knapsack closed with two rawhide ties (which might still be in evidence); the second bag closed with two pairs of straps and buckles. A pair of shoulder straps completed the knapsack, as did a pair of overcoat straps that slid into two sewn strips on the top of the knapsack.

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- Last Updated July 17, 2001