Departure of the Otsego Regiment

Cherry Valley Gazette, Jan. 15, 1862

The volunteers at this depot, numbering 500 men, left here for Albany last Wedneday. There were five companies, commanded by Captains Swan, Young, Cook, Hansen, and Bowdish. As early as nine o'clock, the streets were crowded by fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and friends of the volunteers, and before ten o'clock, one hundred and four teams had been provided for transportation to Canajoharie by the farmers hereabouts.

But about seventy-five of them, however needed. At about 11 o'clock the line was formed, and after marching up as far as Story's hotel, the sleighs were filled and started for Canajoharie, a mile and a half from where they were met by two brass bands and a large crowd of people, and escorted to the depot.

A few regiments of picked men, such as the Ellsworth and Sharpshooters, have probably a better class of soldiers, but we doubt whether a nobler and more hardy body have left any portion of this State.

The ladies of our village and vicinity were engaged much of the time while they were here, manufacturing mittens and other articles of comfort not furnished by government, and most of the men were provided with such articles.

The many idle and absurd rumors about the misconduct of the volunteers while here, were without a particle of foundation, and were fabricated by parties who desired to prevent enlistment. A better behaved set of men we have never seen, and we cheerfully bear witness to the falsity of such slanderous imputations. They have gone forth to do battle for their country; not an act was done while here which would cause a single mother to blush for the deeds of her son, and we doubt not that those who return will be able to point to an honorable and spotless career.

A few of the sick still remain here, under charge of Lieut. Rob't Story.

-transcribed by Richard Palmer.

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