"Gripís" Historical Souvenir of Cortland
on the Major Grover GAR Post

"Gripís" Historical Souvenir of Cortland is a book published by "Grip" in 1899. It contained biographies of the prominent men, organizations and businesses of Cortland, along with photographs of the city, historical notes, and oddities like lists of rivers and jokes.

Grover Post, NO. 98, G. A, R., Cortland, was organized June 14, 1869. The charter members were: J. C. Carmichael, J, T. Pratt, Geo. L. Warren, Frank Place, John Fredericks, Dan'l L. Baker, Wilkins Bridgeford, Aaron Sager, A. P. Smith, J. W. Strowbridge. Department Commander Henry A. Barnum detailed two comrades from Syracuse, H. Wadsworth Clark and George K. Collins as mustering officers. The first election of officers occurred on the day of muster, June 14, 1869, and resulted in the election of the following officers : Commander, J. C. Carmichael; senior vice-commander, Frank Place ; junior vicecommander, John Fredericks ; adjutant, J. T. Pratt ; quarter-master, Geo. L. Waters ; surgeon, Aaron Sager; chaplain, Otis Smith ; officer of the day, Geo. L. Warren ; officer of the guard, John Freer ; quarter-master sergeant, John P. White ; sergeant-major, Edward Seacord. Three only of the charter members survive.

The comrades of this post selected the name of one of Cortland's gallant soldiers and most respected citizens, Andrew J. Grover. In 1861 he was pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church, Cortland. He resigned his pastorate, stepped down from the sacred desk, donned the uniform of a Union soldier and taking with him a number of his brethren from his own church he recruited Co. A, 76th N. Y. Vol. Infantry and in command of that company as captain, went forth to fight for the "old flag" he loved so well. On the bloody field of Gettysburg July 1, 1863, while in command of the regiment as major he was instantly killed by a rebel bullet at the very opening of the battle. His remains were brought to Cortland, buried in the Rural cemetery and annually on May 30 his comrades of the Post named after him, decorate his grave with spring's choicest flowers and fire a parting volley of musketry over his honored dust, after which the bugler blows the old army call "lights out."

Since its organization Grover Post has had 27 different commanders, 9 of whom have passed away. The Post occupies beautiful quarters in the Burgess block, corner Main and R. R. streets, known as Grand Army hall. Through the efforts of comrades of this Post, the Cortland Soldiers' Monumental association was chartered and a beautiful and lasting monument, a work of art and beauty, was erected at a cost of over $5,000. This monument, erected in 1876, as a "Centennial offering of Cortland county to the memory of those who fought in defense of Union," stands upon Church street facing Court, and is one of the finest in the State of New York; an object lesson in patriotism to the thousands of children who pass it daily.

For the past 12 years Grover Post has been aided in its work of "Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty" by an auxiliary association known as Grover Relief Corps, No. 96, W. R. C. This association of ladies has from the beginning been a blessing to the Post and has tended in many ways to strengthen and sustain its every effort.

A flourishing Camp of Sons of Veterans was organized auxiliary to the Post some 10 years ago and was named after James H. Kellogg, the deceased son of one of the Past Commanders, H. M. Kellogg. James H. Kellogg Camp, No. 48, Sons of Veterans, was an organization of which the Post was proud, composed as it was of a membership of intelligent, patriotic young men who took great pride in their work and who were repeatedly honored by the Department. Owing to a lack of numbers, removals from town and deaths, their ranks were decimated and after a record of ten years of faithful work, they surrendered their charter. The present officers of Grover Post are: Commander, Geo. W. Wolcott; Sen. vice-commander, H. B. Greenman; Jun. vice-commander, H. R. Burroughs ; adjutant, O. P. Miner; quarter-master, M. E. Corwin ; surgeon, Norman Thompson; chaplain, H. M. Kellogg; officer of the day, R, H. Moon ; officer of the guard, H. M. Robinson ; quarter-master sergeant, M. L. Alexander; sergeant-major, D. C. Beers.

- From "Gripís" Historical Souvenir of Cortland, 1899

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