Images of the 76th New York
Soldiers from "O" through "Z"

Pvt. Stephen J. Partridge, Co. C
Large Image (56K)

Pvt. Rulandus Pitts, Co. F
GAR photo courtesy of
Phil Reader

Pvt. Franklin Pratt, Co. A
Large Image (58K)

Postwar Photo from "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Cortland

Pvt. Melvin H. Reed, Co. G
Large Image (53K)

Another picture of Melvin Reed
from eBay, Jan. 2004

Corp. Jacob J. Reese, Co. H
Large Image (57K)

Adjutant Heman Robinson

Private Loren Rounsvell, Co. A
Photo Courtesy Conrad Bush

Capt. Aaron Sager, Co. G
Photo from "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Cortland, 1899

Another photo of Capt. Sager, from 1886 Gettysburg reunion

Photo courtesy Jeff Kowalis


2d. Lt. Samuel E. Saunders
Post-war picture courtesy of Marsha Horton, via
Conrad Bush

Large Image (173K)

Lt. Col. John D. Shaul
Photo courtesy
Richard Palmer

Larger image (48K)


Pvt. Bruce Shipman, Co. K
Larger Image (139K)


Pvt. Orison Shufelt
Co. I

Photo from collection of Sharon Springs Historical Society
Back Reads:  
Orison Shoufelt
Civil War, Co. I, 76th Vol. Inf.
Grandfather of Paul Shoufelt Harper
Larger Image (87K)

2d. Lt. Thomas Simms

eBay auction photo - May 2005

Quartermaster A.P. Smith

Photo from 1886 Gettysburg reunion courtesy Jeff Kowalis

Pvt. George W. Smith, Co. F
Large Image (132K)

Cpl. Remiro Spicer, Co. K


Capt. Amos L. Swan
Large Image (74K)

Photo courtesy Jeff Kowalis

Corporal Palmer Swan, Co. B
Photo courtesy Conrad Bush

Benjamin F. Taylor

Postwar picture from 1899
"Grips" Historical Souvenir of Cortland

Pvt. Isaac Grant Thompson
Co. B or G

Photo courtesy
Tom Canfield

Lt. Edward VanSlyck, Co. D

Col. William P. Wainwright

Photo from eBay auction


Capt. Charles A. Watkins, Co. C

The reverse is signed in pencil: "Truly Yours C. A. Watkins, Lieut Col. 76th N.Y.V. Oneonta, Otsego Co." 
The backmark is Churchill & Denison No. 522 Broadway, Albany, N.Y.

Image from eBay auction photo

Pvt. George E. Watrous, Co. D

Pvt. George E Watrous, Co. D
(above and left)
Photos courtesy 
Gary Woodward


Lt. Elias R. Weaver
Co. C

Tom Canfield collection

Pvt. Harrison Whitney, Musician
Large Image (82K)
CdV Photo in Mike Brown Collection


2d. Lt. Moses M. Whitney

eBay auction photo


Corporal George Woodcock

eBay auction photo

Private William Wright, Co. E

Photo from eBay listing
selling CDV

Is this really William Wright? See our page Wright - or wrong?

The two pictures at right are courtesy of Jeff Kowalis, who writes:
"the first is the traditional view of Young, same as the regimental, the second is the mystery image. Roger Hunt and myself find this one a real mystery. It's signed Jno W. Young and has a NY bm and
looks like a late war view of him when compared to the known view, but the problem is with his straps which are clearly Colonel, a rank he never held even as a Brevet.

Major John W. Young

All images are from the Carlisle Barracks, US Army Military History Institute, unless otherwise noted.

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