Evert Oathout's Drum

Benjamin Brown, Drum Manufacturer, for sale, Bass and Snare Drums, made in the best possible manner.

From the eBay listing offering the drum for sale, May 2003. Used by permission of the owner, Robert Dingeldein. 

Here is a Civil War drum identified to an Evert Oathout who had enlisted in the 30th NY in 1862 (Musician, Co. F ) and subsequently transferred into two other regiments: 76th NY (May 25, 1863 Co. I; to Co. G, December 1, 1864), and 147th NY (January 28, 1865 - ??). The extensive battle history includes all the major Army of the Potomac battles from Second Bull Run to Appomatox Courthouse.

This drum is documented with a very old tag written with a fountain pen that was permanently affixed to the inside of the drum next to the makers label. This handwritten tag references the very same drum maker by name.

Details of the tag and the ID to Evert follow (Please see Pic for complete wording)

The tag dated 1916 identifies this drum as being carried by “Evert Oaphout” of “Albany NY” in the Civil War. A check of the official records shows an Evert Oathout of Albany NY as being a Musician in three regiments spanning 1862-1865. NOTE: The tag in the drum had spelled Evert’s last name as it sounded using a “p” instead of a “t” and also for some reason lists the 91st NY, which according to my online record check was never a regiment Evert belonged to. These errors could be explained as a result of the Drum being given to (and tag being apparently written) by a friend of the deceased nephew of Evert Oathout in 1916 – some 51 years in passing since the Civil War.

NOTE Also; according to my research with the National Park Service Website his name spelling varied according to the regimental field reports : 30th NY Evert as (Evert/Othoust), 76th NY as Everett (Ephraim/Oathout), 147th NY as (Ephraim) Oathout.

The Size of Drum is Approx 18 ˝ in diameter and 13 ˝ tall including rims. The Drum is missing the ropes and iron hooks, and also the bottom skin is broken and ripped. Evidently at one time somebody wanted a better look at the inside. The drum was probably re-skinned when tag put inside. There is also an old picture pasted on the inside of Evert’s Nephew, the man according to the tag who gave the tag writers the drum in 1916. 

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